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highly quality  powder coating powder Technic Data:Main Material:ResinSpecific gravity:1.2-1.7g/cm3( depend on colors)Average particle size:35-40 μmCuring Schedule: 200°C 10minutesStrength:Scratch resistance,abrasion resistanceApplication method:Electrostatic sprayApplication f

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highly quality  powder coating powder 
Powder Coating Paint for Sale Near Me
Technic Data:
Main Material:Resin
Specific gravity:1.2-1.7g/cm3( depend on colors)
Average particle size:35-40 μm
Curing Schedule: 200°C 10minutes
Strength:Scratch resistance,abrasion resistance
Application method:Electrostatic spray
Application field:Metalwork, furniture, electrical appliances, etc.
Storage conditions:<30ºC sealed and stored in a dry and cool environment
Validity: 18 months

Powder Coating Paint for Sale Near Me
Compared to the traditional liquid coatings, the advantages as follows:
Powder Coatings:                                  
1.Just need one coat.                         
2.It can be recycled, utilization rate is 95%.
3.Without solvents and Volatile organic compounds,environmentally friendly.
4.It's inexpensive.
Traditional liquid coatings:
1.It need 2-3 coats, include primer, varnish,Colored paint etc.
2.It can not be recycled, utilization rate is 30%-50%.
3.It's solvent type, as high as 50%-70% solvent evaporation.
4.It's costly.  

Powder Test Standard
No.ItemTechnical DataTest method
Physical appearancedrying, no caking, no impurityVisually check
2coloursame as sample showVisually check
3density(g/cm³)1.2~1.8 (refer to color) 
4sieved residue125μm mesh no residue left 
5Colloidal process(gel stage)80-240SGB/T 16995
6Particle dimension10-100μm, ≥95%;
0. 5-10μm, ≤5%;
average: 30-60um
7Storage(month)Dry Cleanroom,≤27°C,6MonthsVisually check
8Cure time(°C, min)200°C, 10 minGB/T 1728
9harmful ingredients,Pb≤90mg/Kg;
,Hg ≤60m/Kg;
ROSH standard
Construction requirements :
If your are currently using powder from someone else , or you are currently using our powder but different color specie, you must have your painting system completely clean before the job, that will keep you away from powder messing up and kind of failed coating or color defects by pollution issue.
1,Keep your device and work environment clean to go, that will prevent large particle to show up on coating by avoiding dust going in.
2,Recycled powder would pass through filter mesh 140 before the job
3,Workpiece must perfectly pass through pretreatment stage to make sure no residue left but that phosphate film ready to go, no grease, no rust,nothing left to fail adhesion force.
4,Electrostatic gun will have shoot voltage shift from 50kv to 90kv,Gives excellent atomization work, and spray powder equally like a even work.  

5,Target Temperature 200±5ºC(workpiece temperature) 10 minutes will do curing job, do over limit would make your coating poor as far as you do.
6,Make sure your ventilation and static ground work well, so pollution will be limited in control and worker will be secured.

Powder Coating Paint for Sale Near Me

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