This Popular Trader Joe's Tote Bag Is on Amazon

2023-04-16 01:36:20 By : Mr. Mison Wong

Shopping at Trader Joe’s is a fever dream. There’s an endless array of novelty products (we see you, Chocolate Lava Gnocchi), artisanal cheese we can actually afford, impeccable 80s yacht rock blasting, and an eerily friendly staff that compliments us more than our own significant other. (Are they instructed to do that???) Doesn’t matter—we’re still always coming back for more blocks of Unexpected Cheddar Cheese anyway. 

As our shopping trip comes to a close, we always look to the long awaited tote bag wall. Are the perpetually sold out canvas totes (with the classic embroidered logo!) there? No? Excuse our audible sighing—they just seem to be everyone’s favorite merch, given their conspicuous absence from Trader Joe’s locations— not counting the Aloha-print hoodies cashiers wear (please start selling those).  Custom Gift Bag

This Popular Trader Joe's Tote Bag Is on Amazon

Well, news flash, if you’ve been looking for one of those totes forever, Amazon sells them! 

Besides being unapologetically stylish for everyday use (and shockingly similar to L.L. Bean’s own iconic tote bag ), the iconic tote is 100% cotton and washable. Use it for groceries, going to the gym, traveling, surviving corporate America, or just a simple serotonin boost. Knowing how popular it is, there’s always a fear in the back of our minds that suburban moms are gonna snag it before we get the chance. Good thing Amazon has a bunch of other Trader Joe’s totes that make us weak in the knees, specifically this style that resembles the grocery chain’s iconic paper bag. 

And, of course, we need to show love to this tote plastered with a waffle and bacon design. The bag even defines a waffle for us: “a considerate pancake with pockets.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

You can tote that to the bank.

Buy the Trader Joe’s Canvas Embroidered Tote Bag on Amazon . 

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This Popular Trader Joe's Tote Bag Is on Amazon

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